Tasty Grubs and Bugs

From the Kitchen of: ArtLab

Art Lab 2020

For our younger chefs: Remember to ask for help from an adult when completing these recipes, but most of all have fun!

Put on your imaginary chef hat and apron! Pasta does not just come from a packet at the supermarket... it can be homemade by you with just two ingredients! 

What you will need

– Plain Flour or Pasta Flour 

– Fork 

– Cup for measuring or Kitchen Scales

 – Tea Towel or Cling Film 

– Rolling Pin 

– Knife 

To make your pasta dough 

1. Weigh out 300 grams (or 3 cups) of flour and put it in one mound on a clean surface

2. Make a hole or well in the middle and pour in 1 cup (or 250ml) of warm water (make sure it can’t escape out the sides!) 

3. Use a fork to mix the flour into the water bit by bit 

4. Keep mixing slowly until all the flour is used up 

5. For 2 minutes roll, move, push, pull and stretch the dough (this is called kneading) until it feels soft, smooth, elastic and not sticky

6. If it is sticky add a little bit more flour 

7. Roll the dough up in a damp tea towel or cling film and let it sit for 5-10 minutes. While you are waiting for your dough, think about what kind of shapes you’d like your pasta to be

8. Try making shapes like bugs, grubs, bows, twists or long thin strips 

9. Roll out the dough as flat as possible then get cutting and shaping. It’s good to make sure all of your pieces are a very similar size, otherwise they take different times to cook. 

10. When you’re ready to cook your pasta, boil it in water for about 4-5 minutes or until it starts to float. If you don’t have a rolling pin, get creative to get rolling. Why not use a glass or a sturdy plastic bottle?

What did your grub and bug pasta look and taste like? Share your creations with us by including the hashtag #Baltic20 on social media. Happy cooking!